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The Adventures of Tony the Drummer:Tony at the church choir

Christmas Hymn

quack quack quack
Light up the windows with your silver balls,
ding dong ding dong ding dong ding
Sing out your carols with heart and pride at Christmas,
ding dong ding dong ding dong ding!
There is no snow on Christmas days, just mud on the patio , moawwww
Today uncle George poisoned Granny, with a mistletoe tea....
ding dong, heeha* ,ding dong ,heeha*,ding dong, heeha*, ding dong ding dong
Christmas, fucking Christmas,
always Christmas, Christmas again!!??
fucking Christmas time..
Merry fucking Christmas to everyone!

Ding dong,cot, ding dong,cot, ding dong ,cot,ding dong
Could things be be so sweet as when two reindeers meet,
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding
Father Christmas just missed his bus , he's gutted and he throwed his shoes
at carols singers who were well hurt
Ding dong, ding dong, quack, quack, ding dong, ding dong ding dong
Brussels sprouts in the wind,
family argues on the cat
who's just been sick on the turkey dinner.
Ding dong ding dong ding !
Christmas , fucking Christmas ,
always Christmas, Christmas again!???
fucking Christmas time..
Merry fucking Christmas to fucking everyone
Merry Christmas to!

Ding dong ding dong, cot, ding dong ding cot, dong ding dong
cocorico, brouil, cot cot cot, heeha heeha heeha*, quack quack quack quack.

* Cowboy noise

lyrics by Claude Pechabadens and Neil Anderson


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