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The Adventures of Tony the Drummer:Tony at the church choir

Liberated Woman

Don't cry, little girl, don't cry
Your Mummy's ill, she can't look after you
Don't cry, little soul, don't cry
Go and see her, and softly wisper
(Maman, je t'aime)

Little girl, little girl
Why do you want to hide
Hide away from her
so she can't see your pain
Run away far so she won't
see you cry....

Liberated woman
How long need you before you free yourself,
Liberated woman
Time has come, time is now, free yourself

Don't cry little girl, don't cry
Your Mummy's gone, she can't hold you now
Don't cry, angel don't cry
She couldn't stay there, with us, any longer, somehow
Little girl, you' re a woman now
please comfort Daddy
Tears can't get out of his heart

'Loving seeds, planting moons, digging yards
working forever, everyday
Now stopped, to rest
Last moments stuck in opium like hell
naked room, ciment walls, metal bed
are the only surroundings
becoming a prison of pain
It starts to be difficult for her
To breathe....Life.....
As water floods anachist cells
Immobilised body...But restless head
Fighting quietly a non shared scream
With her staring eyes
which suddenly
stop ...
Her hand hangs
In my father's hand
she dronps her baggage
To fly away
Where life
Is golden'


Liberated woman
How long need you before you free yourself
Free yourself, free yourself
Liberated woman,
time has come, time is now to free yourself, free yourself, free yourself....


lyrics by Claude Pechabadens, may 2003



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