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Bric a Brac

Bric a Brac    


Are you having a bad time with your neighbours? Are you really desperate? Ok, you are now ready to try and make yourself these infallible home brewed recipes. When they are ready, go and spray it on your neighbours. I can promise you they will soon move house, or make you move out of yours!  
Are you bored? Feeling infertile, non creative and moany? You came to the right place! on this site you will find everything you need to know for growing your very own radishes. Whether you have a garden the size of a yogurt pot or a football pitch, you will have so much fun planting these tiny seeds and seeing them grow, grow and grow, then eating them for weeks, that you won't have time ever to feel down again. (though be careful that they don't take over your bedroom, these seeds germinate everywhere)  
One thing everyone should have in their life is a Roquefort cheesetasting. This cheese,  from south-west France, is made with unpasturised sheep's milk (non pasturisation protects enzymes from milk and it's more easy to digest) . You'd be surprised though, once you arrive at your local French supermarket in Calais, staggering by the number of beers you had in the boat, to see the different varieties of Roquefort you can find, made by different companies! Go also to markets, and you will find some more there too...Out of maybe 10 different makes, Roquefort Societe is one of the best (my fav one was one from a market, but it didn't have any label) In the meantime, have a look at the photos of these soft strong cheeses there, make your mouth water...  
Now you have just finished binging on 2 kilos of Roquefort and 3 baguettes, it is time to feel guilty and come to visit this help centre, which will explain to you why you have became a carbohydrate addict, what are the signs, and will tell you what you can do about it (for a start, stop looking at Roquefort sites) . You will be able to buy discounted books about carbohydrates, and will learn what to avoid eating (everything, basically, except Roquefort) . Now your penance will be to not eat for the next 4 hours. And you are forgiven.  

 If you think you like burgers too much,it may be sensible that you join the:

Junk food anonymous' society  
  If you know of any fun website, let me know...