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Bric a Brac

"We,  Green Drummers, believe that we are what we eat. Therefore we will only accept invitations by publishing companies and other corporate in restaurants we have tried and selected ourselves beforehand. We forbid  'nouvelle cuisine' for it's tiny portions and high prices, obliging a rush to the local kebab afterwards.

  Instead ,we do like traditional ethnic cuisine,  private owned restaurants, started by people who wanted to show us their culture, with pride and love.. "

We also offer review of restaurants on here in exchange for a meal

RESTAURANTS: French cuisine
Lou Pescadou:

241 Old Brompton Rd London,SW5 9HP

Tel: 0207 370 1057

Lou Pescadou is dead! the wonderful Patrick has opened his own restaurant called "chez Patrick" near high street Kensington . Wonderful. They lack a bit of desserts though. but the food is fantastic.

La Trouvaille
photo coming soon(well, if we go round that way)

353 Upper Street,
London N1 0PD

Tel: 0207 704 8323

A good restaurant, worth trying. Fast service for a French restaurant.
Bistrot Francais
40 High St
London, HA1 3LL

Tel: 0208 423 2598
This is not a French Restaurant, the owners being Italian and Spanish, and the cuisine being from all over the place; the menu is full of grammar mistakes ;-) it's cute!(they didn't seem to take notice of my comments regarding the French spelling)
The food is very good though, and the prices fair. Worth a try if you are around North-West London.
RESTAURANTS: English Cuisine
Andrew Edmunds:

46 Lexington St
London W1

Tel: 0207 437 5708

This is my favorite restaurant at the moment: a tiny place, always crowded . On its menu the first time I went there, they had -oh my god?- seagulls eggs as a starter! They also served Samphire, a not so common seaweed-rock plant which I hadn't eaten anywhere before, delicious, and for dessert (and I usually don't have any because of sugar content) a mexican chocolate cake made by an old mexican lady, especially for them, with no added sugar! And it was scrumptious.
Unusual menu, great service, very good wines, brilliant mineral water. You just have to go there.
Sweet Potato:

REIGATE (Surrey)
2-4 London Road
Reigate, RH2 9AN

Tel: 01737 222733

Very nice restaurant again serving unusual food (ostrich, Samphire!) very good service, and great organic wines. Homemade white bread.
The only thing I'd comment on in that restaurant is that it does not smell of food, but smells more like a clean bar.(no food smells..??)

49 Lexington Street
London W1F 9AP

TEL: 0207 494 0514
A good restaurant in front of Andrew Edmunds, small menu, but very good quality food. Very pretty waitresses. Friendly atmostphere. Nice bread with olive oil. The only thing missing in that was the garlic!
RESTAURANTS: Japanese Cuisine

14 Queen's Parade, London, W5 3HU -

Tel: 0208 997 0206

a great Japanese restaurant in North Ealing . Are you feeling curious, adventurous, brave ? Then try 'sashimi' which is a platter of beautiful raw fish served with (very) hot green radish and soy sauce...mmmhhh.

If you are not feeling curious nor adventurous nor brave , you can still try their cooked meat dishes, and fried vegetables or seafood .It's not very cheap, and you may need a sandwich after that, but it s well worth the adventure.



9 Hanover St
London W1

Tel: 0207 629 2961

A restaurant who was recommended by Sean, who browsed my links and sent me an email about it!! The first person to do so! and I must thank him a lot :-) This restaurant is very good, the sashimi very nicely layed out and the rest of the meal very good too.Their menu is very extensive, and it s difficult to choose...Most customers seem to be japanese, and the only downside to it is that if you book a table at 8 and arrive more than 10 mins late, they put you at the queue, which is very long, and ask you to wait till the next table is free. Same applies if you arrive on time but the rest of your party isn't there. But that was on a week end, they may be more easy during the week. Definitly worth the wait!
Sushi Hiro:

1 Station Parade,
London W5 3LD

Tel: 0208 896-3175

Another brilliant Japanese restaurant, which only serves raw fish (no cooked dishes) it's slightly cheaper than Momo, and it's rather hard to understand the menu, but they prepare the fish in front of you. And you can learn Japanese. Great! Book in advance, they are busy and very small.
1 Station Parade,
326 Balham High Road, London, SW17 7AA

Tel: 0208 682 1777
An excellent restaurant recommended by the staff at Wimbledon Sewing Machine ltd.
Amazing starters, try the Raw tuna marinated in Citrus, or the Green Soja bean pods in Ginger (never seen soja bean pods before) or again the Cucumber and seaweed starter. Unfortunatly they do not serve Buckwheat noodle, the demand in Tooting for such excellent and healthy products not being very high. Shame.
13 Bond Street,
London W5 5AP

Tel: 020 8566 2010
My favorite japanese restaurant, the staff is really super friendly (and so is the fish chef) .They are very keen to fill up the mug of green tea all through the meal! Very good food, my favorite is some noodle-paste filled with prawn and vegetables served with a spicy sauce which name again ...I don't remember, (ah here it is, it is called "gyosa")but yet I have not been desapointed with them, and I don't expect to be! Try it!
RESTAURANTS: Indian Cuisine

7-9 South Road
London UB1 1SU

Tel: 0208 574 3721

In the true Indian headquarters, Southall, hides this valuable Indian restaurant, where you will find the best curries in London. It s a modern looking restaurant, with a menu you won't find anywhere else: have you ever tried Brain? (well, I haven't yet either, I'm still thinking about it) it is on the menu there! They also serve some unusual yogurt pastry starters with mango, and some fruit lassis. Everything there is different from the typical occidentalised Indian restaurant...A treasure to try, if you are passing by.  

39 South Road
London UB1 1SW

Tel: 0208 574 1897

Very close to Roshni, this restaurant is very posh: it actually looks , frighteningly, like a nouvelle cuisine restaurant. But when I saw the dishes coming I was very relieved :-) Brilliant food, can be very mild, and very good service. They do use a lot of cream though.You could try it and tell me what you think...
10 Queens Parade, Queens Drive, North Ealing, London W5 3HU.

Tel: 0208 997 0210
This is the best Indian restaurant I have eaten in. Convenient location, very close to Art2b Studio; their "medium " hot curries are definitly very mild comparing to Sri Lankan's standards where "mild" curries are bearely eadible.
I had a gorgeous chunk of lamb on the bone in curry sauce, and my friend had a very strange but delicious Lamb with bananas and lychees, which was not sugary but just sweetened by the fruit. Their nan bread was delicious, and the vegetables very fine, which is a change from standard Indian heavy cuisine. They were very welcoming, and even offered us a drink on the house at the end of the evening! it never happened before! I had my favorite, Mineral water, of course :-) (no internet links found for them yet)
Le Connoisseur:

37 High st
London HA1 3HT

Tel: 020 84230523

Great Indian restaurant in Harrow again, they do their own delicious and unusual popadum dips! I ate chunks of lamb with "Ajwain seeds" in it, it is the first time I find that spice in an Indian restaurant, I was very impressed. Very nice vegetables . They also offer potatoe crackers with the popadums. Lovely! Very big restaurant, a lot of seating capacity. Very good customer service. (I stole the napkin of the popadum basket as I was going to sneeze and the nice waiter saw it and brought me 3 more on a plate :-) )
121 Upper Tooting Rd
London SW17 7TJ

TEL: 0208 767 7676
A really good Indian-Pakistan-blengladesh restaurant, where you can see the chef doing the dishes behind glass! They have 2 kitchens, and the one for the main dishes is in the main restaurant room, so you can admire the skills and spices the chef puts in its dishes. Pilaw rice is a mix of cumin, Ghee butter, and onions, and does not have the ugly red and green colourings of most restaurants. The lentils are "quite nice"(delicious) and the breads very nice too. Friendly service, open all day.
Lahore Kebab House:
photo coming soon

2, Umberston Street,
London , E1 1PY -

Tel. 0207 481 97 37

A real Pakistani restaurant, which I discovered the other day, near Aldgate. This authantic weird and amazing restaurant is not for the posh middle class: unless they like to get their fingers dirty. They have a very small menu, and the waiter will propose you a selection. Main courses costs maximum 6.50, bring your own wine.
RESTAURANTS: Sri Lankan Cuisine
Palm Palace:

80 South Road, Southall, London, UB1 1RD

Tel: 020 8574 9209

The first Sri Lankan Iever went to ! I love their spicy soup, it s a clear soup made out of spices(very good for health said the waiter) with a bit of clear tomato, and it is so hot it is hard to eat it, but it's delicious! They do brilliant hoppers (try the milk hopper, a rice pancake with coconut milk and a bit of sugar) The service is lovely, the waiters so friendly and warm, it's a shame the food is so hot, I'd go there more often! Very very hot.
Palm Beach:
17 Ealing Road,
London HA0 4AA

Tel: 0208 900 8664
Another good Sri Lankan cuisine, very very good service, and he kept on wanting to give us free things: a pudding, then a coffee...Good food, slightly less hot than Palm Palace! But not much less, just like Sri Lankan cuisine should be...;-) Worth a visit! (ladies go for it! nice waiter)
RESTAURANTS: Lebanese Cuisine

27 Westbourne Grove
London W2 4UA

Tel: 0207 243 8444

Fine lebanese cuisine. If you want something healthy, with plenty of raw vegetables and you are near Centre London, come here. A complementary dish full of raw vege is served while you read your menu. Menu include classic middle eastern dishes, but also-oh my god- raw meat blended with spices and marinated as starters. I recommend this restaurant as much for vegetarians than meat eaters. The usually horrible 'Falafels' are actually very nice in this restaurant. Great quality. You can even ask for express service and food will be there in minutes.
RESTAURANTS: Turkish Cuisine
Anatolya Ocakbasi:
photo coming soon

253 Mare Street,
London, E8 3NS

Tel: 020 8986 2223

This used to be my favorite eating place when I lived in Hackney, and now I do go back there occasionally when I fancy some nice fresh food, salad and vegetables.Great daily cooked dishes, brilliant cucumber-tomatoe-parsley salad. It is more like a cafe than a proper restaurant, but it is nice to go and eat there before going to the Klinker.(see Rock&roll links)No need to book.

429 Green Lanes,
London N4 1HA

Tel: 020 83489515

This is a very fiendly restaurant, in the Turkish style (daily cooked dishes: usually 1 lamb, 1 chicken and 1 vegetarian) delicious food, and homemade white bread!
Try the lentil soup if you are peckish.
Mangal Ocakbasi:
photo coming soon
443 Green Lanes,
London N4 1HA

Tel: 0208 340 7801
Another very good restaurant in Green Lanes, which waitress is extremely nice and welcoming, (hope she doesn't leave before you get to try it) the food is amazing, didn't look that great in the window(lack of greenery) but the tastes and what they offer are outstanding. Unusual flavours, very good prices, and they will provide a salad if you ask (but it doesn't come straight away with the meal) Delicious. Careful the chillies. Even the green ones.
RESTAURANTS: Brazillian Cuisine
Rodizio Rico:
111 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 4UW

Tel: 0207 792 4035
Brazillian BBQ Restaurant, Westbourne Grove.
A great fixed price deal, get a plate, help yourself to vegetables and salad and then they bring around a selection of fresh BBQ meals until you surrender...Try the cassava powder blended with the sauce of your dishes, very unusual(well, not for Brazillians) and very nice! I recommend it for vegetarians too. Lots of vegetables dishes.
RESTAURANTS: Italian Cuisine

16 Garway Road
London W2 4NH

Tel: 0207 243 2201

I am not keen on Italian restaurants, usually being just white pasta, white pizza, white bread, tomamto, just refined products leaving me totally...unhealthy. But this Italian restaurant off Westbourne Grove is actually very tasty, and very good quality for white pasta. They do good fish, good meat, and some vegetables! Wonderful.
Il Pescatore:

4,Queens Road
Southend on Sea, SS1 1LU

Tel: 01702 341892

Another very good Italian restaurant, they specialise in Fish, as their name says. Amazing menu, great choices, and excellent garlic bread, even though it s made with white flour.
RESTAURANTS: Vegetarian-organic Cuisine
photo coming soon

92 Berwick Street
London W1

Tel: 020 7437 8591

I had to mention this bar where i had an extremely friendly and nice service. They sell a lot of nice green fresh juices, food to take away, all vegetarian but they do serve brown rice. The place wasn't the most spotless place I have been to, at the end of their working day, but it is definitly worth going in there for a healthy and nice snack, anytime of day. (or maybe it was the residues of the market packing up in the street which gave that impression of mess)
45 Lexington St
london W1F 9AN

Tel: 0207 494 1634
This is a nice vegetarian restaurant in Centre London, where they serve nice fresh juices with algae, strange teas and lovely dishes. Do go there if you are hungry, the main courses are very filling! The service is very friendly but can be sometimes slow as they get very busy.
Worth a try, they are also doing drinks during the day, if you want to sit down.
Thai Buffet:
photo coming soon
10 Greek Street, Soho, London W1 .

Tel: 020 7287 3730.
Are you vegetarian? No? Yes? Doesn't matter. But if you like vegetables, and delicious vegan thai-chinese cuisine, rice, excellent quality buffet (not like some chinese buffet in Soho which I will not name , they are so disgusting) and a lot of REAL choice, for 5-7 you can have a wonderful meal there. Wonderful staff, green tea served.
Vegbhelpoori Restaurant:
photo coming soon

12 Chapel Market,
London N1

Tel: 020 7833 1167


Another vegetarian restaurant, near Old Street. For 3.95 you get an Indian buffet, with nice vegetables and -oh my god- the very rare BROWN RICE for the health freaks who like taste. This is the only restaurant I have visited so far which does brown rice, (loads of B vitamins in bran, keeps you healthy and regular) and they have lots of different soft drinks. Lovely for a quick snack (don't eat till tomorrow)
Willow Restaurant

87 High Street,
Totnes , TQ9 5PB

Tel: 01803 86260

In the heart of Totness, this beautiful and strange town, is this little cafe which serves ORGANIC and vegetarian food (we love vegetables! ) and a succulent selection of soups, salads, gratins, very unusual. They unfortunatly also serve the biggest scrumptuousest cakes I have ever seen in a restaurant, which was too tempting to resist... but sugar, never again! Except in Totness.
RESTAURANTS Moroccan Cuisine
El Andalousse
Didn't have a camera at the Appollo, they forbid it...

32, Fulham Place Rd, Hammersmith
W6 9PH

Tel: 0208 563 7176

This Moroccan restaurant is a mix of Moroccan and Spanish, and is really lovely! My favorite Moroccan in London! The service is fast, friendly, and the food is excellent! Light, but sensationnal. They open till 11pm, so be quick if you come out of a gig in the Apollo and you are feeling peckish. Definitly worth looking out for! The decor is amazing too.
Open Mon-fri lunch:12pm-3pm, Dinner 5.30PM-11.45PM .
Closed Sat-Sun lunch, but open Sat dinner 5.30pm-11.45pm, sun 5.30pm-11pm